I'm proud of the music I've made over the years. I like to cover a wide range of styles, from pop to electronic to experimental. On many tracks, in particular the "How Animals Sleep" album, I worked with friends Doug Parker, Lorne Schneider and Chris Short. My bandmates on "Wolf" were Matthew Jackson, Neil Jackson and Keith. Everything else was written, played and recorded by me.

My Recommendations: Start with "Storm Animal" (more acoustic) and "Loose" (more electronic). My favourite tracks? Probably "Loved by a Queen" and "Hooked" from "Storm Animal".

You can download any or all of it (see links below with each release). Use it non-commercially in any way you like. But I would like to know about it and get credit please.

Glenn Listening Hard

"I don't know Glenn. Conducting a mixdown seems like herding cats to me."

I Will Work, I Will Work, For You

MARTIN LOMAS               416-964-9583 ■ martinlomas@mail.com 
CRC Community Centre, 40 Oak St., Toronto                                July 2015 - Present (Volunteer)
·    Organized and ran groups of local musicians & songwriters.
·    Facilitated discussion, arrangement, recording and performances.

IRIE Community Computers                                                             May 2011 - June 2012
(PC Repair Technician & Co-Owner)
·    Repaired and reinstalled systems in-house & out.
·    Negotiated pricing, liaised with customers, created web site.

TreeShare.com Genealogy & WithCourage.com Memorials       2003 - 2007
(Owner & Operator), genealogy web service providers, now closed
·    Conceived, researched, registered and ran online businesses.
·    Created web sites and web services from scratch.
·    Wrote HTML, PHP, MySQL, CSS, etc. as necessary.

MLS Data Management Solutions, Toronto                                   May 1992 - March 2001
(General Manager, and Senior Account Manager), computer service bureau
·    Lead staff of seven in all business activities.
·    Represented company to clients for computer service needs.
·    Analyzed clients' needs and created data processing specs.
·    Wrote proposals, quotes, letters and sales literature.
·    Planned and executed company marketing campaigns.
·    Maintained office, computers and network.

Grolier Limited, Toronto                                                                  Sept. 1985 - May 1992
(Marketing Information Supervisor and Computer Operations Supervisor)

As Marketing Information Supervisor                                            1990 - 1992
·    Processed marketing projects on PCs and IBM mid-range computers.
·    Liaised between Marketing and IT departments, and external suppliers.
·    Designed in-house marketing database system.

As Computer Operations Supervisor                                            1985 - 1990
·    Supervised three operators and all operations on IBM mid-range computers.
·    Set IT department policies and procedures for staff and processing.
·    Assisted in hiring and training of operations staff.

United Co-operatives of Ontario, Mississauga                            May 1983 - July 1985
(Senior Computer Operator), farming co-operative
·    Controlled all operations on Honeywell mainframe computer.
·    Created control routines to handle batch processing.

ITT Standard Telephones & Cables, London, UK                        July 1979- May 1983
(Computer Operator, and Field Engineer), telephone and electronics conglomerate

As Computer Operator                                                                   1980 -1983
·    Operated multiple Honeywell mainframe computers.

As Field Engineer                                                                            

1979 - 1980
·    Installed and maintained IBM-compatible computer equipment.


Various locations, UK & Toronto (Computer & Marketing)            Jan. 1981 - Present
·    Dozens of courses, seminars and conferences attended.
·    IT, marketing & business subjects.

Barnet Technical College, London, UK                                            1979 - June 1980
·    Technicians Education Council Certificate in Electronics, credit achieved.

Stanborough Senior School, UK                                                      Sept. 1972 - June 1979
·    General Certificates of Education, Cambridge Board of Examiners.
·    Eight O-level passes achieved.


·    40+ year writer, musician, songwriter and recordist, 3 bands, solo, 5+ albums published. Zero sales
(I never marketed my music at all)


2003 - Martin Lomas - Loose

Download the whole album  HERE  (zip, 56 MB)

Every track on this one features some algorithmic composition.

Warning: On "Enlightenment", there are some very high frequencies, by design. You need pretty good speakers for it to be enjoyable. If you do play it, I suggest you start at low volume.

01 Loopholes
02 27 Degrees
03 C1 C2
04 Keen Sense of Decay
05 Canterbury Flan
06 Converted Damage
07 Early Light (mix 1)
08 Lovers Solo
09 Enlightenment
10 Good Run
11 Stones and Roads
12 Prozac Prelude

1998 - Martin Lomas - Eleven Years Wiser EP

Download the whole EP  HERE  (zip, 69 MB)

01 Eleven Years Wiser
02 Hair of the God
03 Reggaenesia (Letter from Java) (audio letter from Bev in Indonesia)
04 Echo Jam
05 Favourite Dream

1998 - Martin Lomas - Bandless Monsters

Download the whole album  HERE  (zip, 130 MB)

01 Siam
02 The Ground
03 Pull the Plug Blues (lyric & vocal: Doug Parker)
04 Omar
05 Martin's Jazz
06 The Untidy Race
07 Bumblin'
08 High School Band
09 Go Play in Traffic
10 Time it is a' Passing
11 Pueblo
12 Pageant Rondo
13 In the Halls (lyric & vocal: Doug Parker)
14 No Hills, Therefore Iams
15 Odds for Life
16 Abscure
17 Something
18 Abstrack - a Train of Thought
19 Campfire (lyric & vocal: Doug Parker. piano: Lorne Schneider)
20 Influenza
21 The People To Be
22 Morning Surreal
23 Work with Me
24 Steam Driven

1997 - Martin Lomas - Storm Animal

Storm Animal is an anagram of my name.

Download  Side A HERE  (zip, 101 MB) and  Side B HERE  (zip, 100 MB)

Side A

01 I Believe (instrumental)
02 Save Our Souls
03 10-16-30
04 P F Empathy
05 Any Other Highway
06 Downtown Night (instrumental)
07 Crow's Nest (instrumental)
08 The Eyes (lyric & some vocal: Doug Parker)
09 The Institute (instrumental)
10 Immortality
11 For William
12 Trance Zero
13 Summer Rain
14 Toward Serenity
15 I Still Believe (instrumental)

Side B

16 I'll Always Believe (instrumental)
17 Hooked
18 Sandhead (instrumental)
19 Another Day
20 Prayer - End & Beginning (instrumental)
21 House in Peru
22 Touch Me Down (lyric: Doug Parker)
23 Loved by a Queen
24 Abide With Me
25 Medley - What's the Idea
26 I'm a Believer (instrumental)

1991 - March Hares - How Animals Sleep

Download the whole album  HERE  (zip, 129 MB)

01 Lost Overture
02 Home Again
03 Quaking on the Nile (lyric & vocal: Lorne Schneider)
04 Bulletin (lyric & vocal: Doug Parker)
05 Clearance Sale (lyric & vocal: Doug Parker)
06 Buses Carry Mothers
07 The Ballad of Michael and Krys (music, lyric, guitar & vocal: Doug Parker. piano: Lorne Schneider)
08 Three Will Get U20
09 Island of our Dreams
10 Escape (lyric: Doug Parker)
11 Just an Ironic Blues Song (lyric, sax: Doug Parker. vocal, piano: Lorne Schneider)
12 Once I See (lyric: Doug Parker)
13 Whirlpool (lyric: Doug Parker)
14 Between Coasts (lyric: Doug Parker)
15 Cool Like James (lyric & vocal: Chris Short. extra vocal: Lorne Schneider)
16 Medley - Lydia - Love Songs - What Love Loses

1989 - Martin Lomas - Fink

art by Jenny

Download the whole album  HERE  (zip, 88 MB)

01 Down from the Trees
02 Houseboat '88
03 Two-Bit Town
04 Christmas Rap
05 Hogtown Waltz
06 Zappesque
07 Statue of Elvis
08 Dimitrio
09 2:52 (sax: Doug Parker. piano: Lorne Schneider)
10 Twang Thang
11 Credit Wonderland (lyric & vocal: Chris Short. vocal: Lorne Schneider)
12 Mother-in-Law
13 Coming to Rest
14 The Outside Routine
15 Last Breath

1982 - Wolf - Wolf

Download the single  HERE  (zip, 21 MB)

With guitar & vocals: Matthew Jackson. bass & vocals: Neil Jackson. drums: Keith.

01 On the Run
02 Pictures

18-year olds we were, doing it all for the first time. This was recorded in a professional studio, and we could only afford two tracks. The studio was called The Crypt, and actually was in the crypt of a church. We weren't at all pleased with the results - we were trying to be a heavy rock band.

Martin Lomas - Odds And Ends

Download the whole album  HERE  (zip, 71 MB)

01 Bippy Builds a PC
02 Return of the Stringed Beast
03 Verdun
04 Lovers Remix
05 October Ramble 1
06 October Weather
07 S & R Acoustic Remix
08 Spike Milligan Tango

there was a video I made that I can't find

other associated images

1986 - Steve Lomas - Boston Visit

Coming soon I hope ... a live recording of my brother in Toronto, remastered by me in 2012.

Why Logic for Windows is still the baby

an interface!

The arrange window

The mixer

Using Absynth from Native Instruments
(anything by NI is well worth checking out)

Rheostatics Live, Ultrasound Showbar, 1993 - LINER NOTES

Rheostatics "Green Sprouts Music Week 1993"

Why Rheostatics will live forever

There was always a crackle in the air at any Rheostatics gig. But in their golden age of the early to mid-90's, and especially at the Ultrasound Showbar, you knew the Rheos would ignite that crackle into a smoldering, moody fire.

Anyone who comes to know the Rheos, knows what a top-flight band they were, by anyone's standards, anywhere. I hate to try and describe them, but think art-pop-rock-folk. And when you met the guys, on stage or in person, you learned how genuine they all are, how much they cared, loved their fans ("Green Sprouts"), and how little they thought of commercial success.

The very word "Canada" describes what they did. Early on in their road life, they toured extensively, in parts foreign, and all over Canada, notably including small towns everywhere. They experienced the essence of Canada during that time, and the two inspirational albums, "Melville" and "Whale Music" were largely conceived then. Those are the kind of albums where you realize there is not one wrong second throughout. They're perfect and they'll live forever. Don't get me wrong, you will find much joy in any Rheos album. But those are just .. special. "Northern Wish" from "Melville" could most certainly be an alternate Canadian national anthem. Oh, and if you noticed the double-neck guitar that Martin sometimes played (it's on the cover of "Double Live"), that design is special. 10 points if you know what it is - *answer below.

Rheostatics "Double Live"
I can't help but mention one band member in particular - Martin Tielli, vocals and guitar. In terms of all-round virtuosity in the context of meaningful and accessible music, I've yet to witness a better musician. Martin is always able to be in every moment (except when he's not!). A true artist. To the extent that if his flow is interrupted, he will make very noticeable mistakes. And generally, either repeat them, or screw around with them to weave some magic. Or get fiery and angry. Do check his solo work and collaborations, too. Did I mention his painting and drawing? Oh my God! Just go look at the cover of "Introducing Happiness". In a previous incarnation, Martin had done some art work for the Royal Ontario Museum. There's an Escher-like obsession and beauty about his work - look at the receding scales on the fish!

Rheostatics "Introducing Happiness"

So, the Ultrasound Showbar. Quite a unique spot that was. Located upstairs on Queen Street West in one of Toronto's key art scenes. Unique, because it was very small, but had a beautiful, large sound system. One capable of great volumes, but which, for the Rheos, was under-driven, resulting in great sound quality. Spectacular sound, in fact. Dan Akroyd (yes, him) was the then-owner, and was responsible for the equipment investment.

However, there always was a significant portion of the crowd who felt it was okay to talk loudly during the Rheos' sets. But the real Rheos fans always took care of that, gently telling them to shut the hell up. I can say for sure that many like-minded Rheos devotees made lifelong friends at their gigs, myself included.

Rheostatics' stage banter was an absolute mainstay of their performances. In fact, it's on their albums too - "Don't tune. Tuning's not cool. Lou Reed wouldn't tune." When I once spoke with Martin, he told me that tuning is over-rated. I've never known a band that was so engaged with their fans; truly driven by them. On one popular song, Dave Bidini sings about his first concert and his favourite bands. He always polled audience members as the song went along, giving them the mic and wanting to know their favourite bands. Among the live banter I recall, was one incident where the banter actually became a song later - "Dead is the drunkest you can get".

On stage, Rheostatics would inspire each other into silly co-ordinated dances. And Bidini would always get into a pogo-frenzy. The Ramones were among his serious music milestones. But for me, the chills were mostly Martin's. His soaring guitar, soaring voice (amazing falsetto), his song-writing, and the way you always felt like you got his everything. Tim Vesley was the "most still", but even he slowly rotated on the spot, along with the rest of them, during the introduction to "Fan Letter to Michael Jackson".

I missed, and will always miss, their original crack drummer, Dave Clark, who left the band in the mid-90's. He was perhaps the most joyful one, and what a drummer! You don't find one like him every day, if ever. While the music is different, U.S. band Aloha's Cale Parks' meticulous craft comes to mind. And even jazz legends like Chad Wackerman (Chado-san to his friends).

More than anything, Rheos fans flocked to the shows for the love they would always feel.

"TV's twinkling. The sky cushioned my ditch with a couch of snow. So soft. So deep and so cold. And you?" - A Mid-Winter Night's Dream.

Martin Lomas, March 2012

Martin Tielli

* The guitar features one of the originally-proposed Canadian flag designs, before the Maple Leaf was chosen, eh!